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How do I Sign up on Apprise Music?

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How do I Sign up on Apprise Music?

Check the Apprise Music tutorial video here to learn about the whole process of signing up.

If you are new to Apprise Music, please click here to create an account.


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  1. Enter your Name, Country, Email address, and Password
  • Reach out to [email protected] for assistance if you cannot find your country or region; please delete the space before and after the email address if it shows an invalid email
  1. Click “SIGN UP” after you agree with the Apprise Music Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy


  1. You will receive a confirmation email which is valid for 10 minutes


  1. Follow the link on the confirmation email to verify your email address


  • If you can’t receive the confirmation email, please check your spam folder or email [email protected] with the screenshot and the email for registration for further assistance.
  • If the email address has been registered, which means you already have an account, please click “click here to log in” so you can sign in by using this email address.

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