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How to publish a video on VEVO

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How to publish a video on VEVO



Until Apprise supports video distribution we can manually upload your videos to VEVO. Please follow these steps to request your videos to be uploaded to VEVO.





  • Email support with the following:


    • The release ID of your video


    • A video description text (5,000 characters maximum)


    • A list of video keywords (500 characters maximum) — optional


    • Whether the video is made for kids: Y/N


    • If the video already exists on YouTube, indicate its Video ID or video URL


    • If the video already exists on YouTube, it’s YouTube asset ID (if you have it) — this must be the asset ID of the same video (not an art track or a UGC video)


    • A video thumbnail image: 1280 x 720 recommended, up to 2MB


    • A link to download the video. Note that videos need to be of good sound and image quality


    • Indicate the artist’s VEVO channel name if they already have one. If they do not already have a VEVO channel:



      • Request that a VEVO channel be created for them and indicate the name you want for the channel. Please make sure that the name is available by checking that there is no existing channel with this name. You can check for this by replacing XXXXX in this URL with the VEVO channel name you want: https://www.youtube.com/user/XXXXX If no channel appears, then it means that the name you want is available.


      • Note that VEVO processes all new channel requests on Mondays. So if you make your request on a Tuesday, you must wait until the following Monday.