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Using your own ISRC root/prefix to generate your ISRCs

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Using your own ISRC root/prefix to generate your ISRCs




Apprise supports using your own ISRC prefix in order to generate your own ISRCs when distributing through the Apprise dashboard. To activate this option, please email support and indicate: 


  1. Your ISRC prefix    


  2. What should be the first ISRC to be generated through our system? 


  3. Whether you have a final ISRC limit 






Use of Apprise’s system to generate ISRCs means that you are handing over responsibility for ensuring the uniqueness of your ISRCs to Apprise’s system. Once you indicate your starting ISRC to us, our system will assign this ISRC the next time you distribute a track in need of an ISRC, and it will keep incrementing the ISRC number by 1 each time you need a new ISRC generated.


It is therefore imperative that you do the following in order to avoid duplicate ISRC issues:


  1. Never use an ISRC outside of Apprise’s system. If you do need to use an ISRC outside of Apprise, then please send a request to support the number of ISRCs you need so that we can send those to you and block them out. 


  2. If you already know that you will need to use some ISRCs outside of Apprise, then you should reserve this. Decide how many you wish to keep for your own use, and simply tell us to start with a later number. This way you can use all the ISRCs before your starting ISRC without having to notify us first. 


  3. If you have an ISRC limit (an end ISRC), then it is your responsibility to monitor that your limit is not exceeded and ensure that you purchase from your ISRC agent any additional ISRCs you may need before your limit is reached.