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Deezer For Creators

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Deezer For Creators

How to claim your Artist Profile on Deezer:

  1. Request access to Deezer For Creatorshttps://creators.deezer.com/user/login
  2. Select your “Role” (eg. artist, manager or label).
  3. It will ask for your UPC, which can be found in the release detail in Apprise Music back-end. Fill out the requested application fields.
  4. Wait for Deezer to grant your request (this can take a few weeks).

Read more about claiming your Artist profile on Deezer: https://creators.deezer.com/user/login


What you can do with Deezer For Creators 

  1. Customize your profile so fans can get to know you! Add a bio and a photo, and use the highlight feature to showcase your new releases or tracks you want your community to easily discover.
  2. Get an in-depth analysis into who’s listening for a closer look at your audience, and explore insightful data to better understand your performances.
  3. Keep your fans engaged as you grow. Connect with your listeners, notify your followers about new releases and share your milestones every step of the way.
  4. Monitor your music using data insights to continuously track how your releases perform and evolve over time.