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Services Instructions

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Services Instructions



Where can I find the Promotional Services on the Apprise Music official website?

You can go to “Artist Services” and choose “Promotional Services” at the top of the website: https://apprisemusic.com/artists-services/




Can I cancel the payment and services even if I paid and submitted the form before?

Once you submit the form, the services you paid for cannot be canceled.



What kind of promotional services does Apprise Music provide?


Apprise Music provides six different promotional services: Pre-Save/Smart Links, Playlisting, Advertising, Social Push, Artist Branding, and TikTok Campaign. You can read the specific description of each service on the “Promotional Services” page of the official website: https://apprisemusic.com/artists-services/ and the promotional service deck with more details: https://apprisemusic.com/artists-services/

What if I want to change the requirements I wrote in the form after paying and submitting it?

You can email us at [email protected] with the requirements after submission within 2 working days.



What is the price of each service?

Each service has a different price. You can download the promotional service deck https://apprisemusic.com/artists-services/, which introduces various services and their corresponding prices in detail.





What if I’m not satisfied with the output?

If you are not satisfied with the results, we are willing to modify it ONLY once, which is only available for the Artist Branding service. After receiving the email with the results, reply within 3 working days. Otherwise, it will be considered an automatic satisfaction of the outcome.




How many services can I choose?

Apprise Music provides six different promotional services: Pre-Save/Smart Links, Playlisting, Advertising, Social Push, Artist Branding, and Tiktok Campaign. You are free to choose one or more services (at least one, at most six) and pay for the chosen ones as a whole.





How can I pay for the services?

Firstly, you can go to our official website’s “Promotional Service” page. Fill in the promotion form and submit it. Our promotional services team will contact you as soon as possible. Then, you need to fill in the form https://apprisemusic.com/artists-services/ sends, choose the service(s), and make a payment via Paypal. Promotions will initiate after you make a payment and submit the form.




How long do the services take before delivering the outcome?

Different services need different working days to complete. You can check each service’s results delivery period in our official website’s promotional service deck on the “Promotional Service” page or through this link:







How do I receive the output of different services?

After all promotion services are completed, you will receive an email along with the output (e.g., pitching result, advertisement campaign reports, TikTok videos, etc.) within 3 working days.


Notice: The final delivery time may be more than 3 working days if we request more information from you via email.





Can I choose Apprise Music promotional services if I already have other distributors?

Yes, you can. Apprise Music provides promotional services to all artists no matter they have released songs through Apprise Music or not. You are free to choose services that are appropriate and helpful to your music career.




Do Apprise Music promotional services apply to upcoming music or released ones?

Each service has a different requirement for the songs’ status. For playlisting, the songs you want to pitch should be an upcoming release. For advertising, the songs you want to promote should be already released. Other services such as social push, artist branding, and TikTok campaign, apply to all songs no matter they are released or not.




Can I pay for Apprise Music promotional services if I don’t have a PayPal account?

No. We only accept PayPal now. What we suggest is that you can create a new PayPal account that is convenient for your payments.





If I have further questions about promotional services, how can I contact you?

You are free to email us at [email protected], and we will respond to you as soon as possible.