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Fixing missing Apple/Spotify Profile IDs

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Fixing missing Apple/Spotify Profile IDs



If you see that one of your releases is in distribution error due to a missing Apple/Spotify ID, here is how to fix it most easily:



  • Go to Rights Holders > Artists > the artist missing an Apple/Spotify profile ID.


  • Enter their ID(s).


  • Save your work.


  • Go to the release’s Distribution page (NOT the main Distribution section; it’s rather the Distribution tab/section of a specific release when you’re viewing that release).


  • Look at the Error tab and select all DSPs that you wish to update. 


  • Use the Options menu located at the top (not the one on the DSP row; the one at the top) and select “Update metadata”. 


  • Type “update” and send.


Note: if you cannot find the artist in Rights Holders > Artists please open a support ticket and indicate:


  • The release ID or UPC


  • The name of the artist