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What Revenue Channels Are Included In Revenue Analytics

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What Revenue Channels Are Included In Revenue Analytics



Apprise tracks up to 25 channels in your revenue analytics. 


Some DSPs monetize in multiple ways. For example, Spotify monetization includes streams by premium subscribers as well as free subscribers who are monetized through ads. 


Below are all the ways Apprise currently classifies revenue channels:




  • Ad-Supported Radio
  • Ad-Supported Streaming
  • Breakage
  • Locker Service
  • Non-Interactive Radio
  • Rental
  • Subscription Radio
  • Subscription Streaming






  • Download
  • Mobile Products
  • Tethered Download






  • Background music
  • Neighboring Rights
  • Performance Rights






  • Sync License Master
  • Sync License Publishing






  • Physical






  • 3rd Party Compilations
  • Channel Revenue
  • Claimed UGC
  • Digital Licensing
  • Other
  • Publishing
  • Unknown
  • Unmonetized


Note: DSPs do not monetize 100% of the streams/videos that use your music. This can happen for a number of different reasons.