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FAQ: Revenue Report Processing

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 FAQ: Revenue Report Processing




Which revenue reports does Apprise support?


Apprise supports nearly 200 different revenue reports from various DSPs and distributors. Here is a list. Note that this list will likely not be up to date as we update it every few months whereas we are continually adding support for new reports. If you need clarification on a specific report, please email our support team.






Which reports are automatically imported, and which need to be imported manually?



Only some DSPs provide us with a method to automatically import your reports:


  • All Merlin DSP reports (except YouTube)
  • Amazon
  • All Apple reports

All other DSP & distributor reports need to be imported manually: use the button on the Revenue page.





What is the schedule for automated report ingestion?


All reports which can be automatically imported (see the previous item) will be imported within 72h of them becoming available.





How frequently do you update the system to support a new format for a specific report?


Whenever an existing report changes format, this may require us to update our system to support the new format. We update our system on a monthly basis, usually on the last week of the month. If you have a report that is failing and which may need processing faster than at the end of the month, please email support.





How long does it take to process a report?


This depends on the size of the report. Most reports are processed within a few minutes. But more significant reports such as YouTube can take a few hours. When a report finishes processing you will receive an email to let you know.






I uploaded a report some time ago but it has yet to finish processing. Can you help?


Yes! Please email support so we can check on its status and scale the processing queue if need be.






How can I import a report which you don’t currently support?


Please use our revenue report ingestion template. You can also enquire whether we can support this report by emailing our support team.