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JioSaavn For Artists

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JioSaavn For Artists

How to claim your artist profile on Jiosaavn:

  1. To get access to your profile, go to the ArtistOne website& click on the ‘Register’ button.
  2. Fill in the details & register. Verify that you have access to the email address you just registered with by following the steps as asked on the next screen. This completes your registration process.
  3. On the next screen search for the artist name you want to claim, if you’re an artist yourself, look for yourself. If you’re a manager, look for the artist you manage.
  4. Fill in your details about the artist’s social media pages for authenticity verification and submission.
  5. Our team will verify your connection with the artist you have requested to claim, give access to your profile shortly after!



What you can do with JioSaavn For Artists

  1. As a verified artist, you can personalize your artist page on JioSaavn. Update your image and bio, publish ‘Made By’ playlists for your fans, and even pitch your music to JioSaavn editors for play listing.
  2. Get access to useful data – the streaming milestones your releases rake in, your tracks ranked in comparison to each other, the evolution of your art, your fans and super fans, and more.


  1. Stay informed about the dynamics of your audience – their age, gender, city, and country. Then, use these demographics to promote your music better, and plan your tours and gigs.


  1. Release short looping videos to engage your listeners through JioSaavn Shorties. A song with a supporting Shortie has better engagement. Go ahead, give your music the boost it deserves.