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Pre-Orders & Instant-Gratification for Apple Music

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Pre-Orders & Instant-Gratification for Apple Music



What is a pre-order for Apple Music? 


Pre-orders allow customers to purchase a playlist or single before the date of purchase. Once the playlist or single reaches its sales start date, the tracks download automatically to a customer’s library.




What is an instant-gratification track for Apple Music?


Instant-gratification tracks are available for individual purchase during the pre-order period if a customer pre-orders the album. Once the pre-order is purchased the track will download immediately or when any of the instant-gratification tracks pass their respective available dates.




How do I add an instant gratification song or music video to a pre-order album?


An instant-gratification song or music video can be added to a pre-order album at any time before the pre-order start date.




Be sure to follow these rules before choosing a pre-order track:


  • The sales start date must be at least one day from the future from the pre-order start date you’re adding for the new instant-gratification track. 
  • All instant-gratification tracks or music videos must be cleared for sale in a pre-order territory, or they will not be available. 
  • The combined price of all instant-gratification tracks on an album must be lower than the album price by at least the price of one mid-tier song.