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FAQ: Distribution

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FAQ: Distribution





Does Apprise provide access to unique codes (ie: Apple track IDs, Spotify URI)?

For all DSPs that provide a method to obtain a URI or a weblink, we retrieve those and display them in the Distribution section of your release.




Does Apprise provide a way to setting up pre-orders?





Does Apprise provide a way to setting up pre-saves?

We don’t offer this feature to our customers. We are working on a partnership with a 3rd party, which would be opt-in and there would likely be a flat fee for unlimited use.




Why is it live on Shazam before the release date?

This is just how Shazam works: they don’t respect release dates. But you can’t play the song yet. If you do not want it to appear at all before the release date, do not send it to Shazam before that date.




Why does it show live on the UI when it is not live yet on YT, Yandex, iMusica, Nuuday, and Shazam?

Live on the UI for the following DSPs YouTube, Yandex, iMusica, Nuuday, and Shazam simply means that they have confirmed ingestion.




What happens to my chart history/rankings, playlist placement, etc when transferring distribution to Apprise?


When migrating catalogs these days, the only major DSPs that lose some historical data/rankings are: 



  • iTunes: if the UPC-ISRCs are all the same, the merge should be complete and chart history & popularity should be retained while ratings & reviews will be lost.


  • YouTube Music: view/stream counts will be reset to 0.



For other DSPs, your new instance should replace your old instance as long as you avoid changing certain metadata fields until after your migration. Please see this article for the list of fields not to change during/before your migration.



What is the turnaround time of delivery for new releases?

Delivery time to most major DSPs is within a few hours / same day.




Our current distributor makes our music available on YouTube and has a copyright claim management system, just confirming that you would do this as well in a distributor role.

Yes, we deliver to YouTube Content ID. We don’t provide a UI for direct claim management. Our YT staff handles this directly and reaches out to you in the event of an issue with your content.




What is the advantage of using Apprise as an aggregator?

  • All distribution workflows in one platform which saves time & money.


  • Create trust & transparency with end-to-end visibility of your reported earnings and daily trending in one unified dashboard. Our enterprise-level permission-based software allows you to share only what you want with your team, stakeholders, and artists.




What information would you need exactly from us for the transfer from our distributor/aggregator?

Apprise requires our customers’ catalogs to be ingested, whether you are using Apprise to distribute, do reports, and/or royalties. This can be done in a few different ways:


  • Your current aggregator can possibly set up a feed to Apprise.


  • Use Apprise’s catalog ingestion template.


  • Create a release directly on the platform.