What frequent releases actually do for you as an artiste.

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    Sometimes, we get stuck in our lazy shoes with the notion that too much release does no magic. All we need is one quality single and the rest of the pluses follow. If you are part of that train, get down. Apprise music advises artistes, especially, upcoming once to produce singles after singles and likewise albums. This is why:

    The music world has evolved drastically. With time, music lovers are getting harder to sustain. To gain their loyalty, its all about constant engagement. Engage your artistes by releasing songs every now and then. That does the trick in ensuring their loyalty for a long time.

    Due to the virality of digital media as well as the video sharing software, the narrative has completely changed. Music enthusiasts don’t stress to find new music. The likes of TikTok, Instagram and YouTube Shorts have changed the nature of music consumption from a passive style to one in which fans may actively and frequently get involved in this helps the artiste gain grounds in the industry.

    A tip from Apprise Music to its large music family; particularly artistes is this; To keep your release trending throughout social media and channels, you may want to create a TikTok trend to go along with it. More like a dance pattern or anything innovative to make you stand out. This will also place you on the frequently played songs on big brand charts (Spotify, Boomplay etc.)

    Getting your debut song chosen by top distributors paves the way for other releases to become popular. Song submissions for playlist consideration should be made at least 7 days in advance, according to Spotify and before you can go down that lane, it must already be in the Spotify database. It is advisable to upload your music ahead of time to increase your chances.

    Consumers are now turning producers. Remember, your song is created with your fans in mind. Once you upload your release, you get the opportunity to measure results of your progress based on the thumb-ups and critics you encounter. Your fans also in one way or the other give you tips that keeps you on your toes and makes you crave for more quality.


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