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TuneCore & Believe have partnered with YouTube to provide music for its TikTok rival, Shorts

uneCore & Believe have partnered with YouTube to provide music for its TikTok rival, Shorts

TuneCore and its parent company Believe have partnered with YouTube to launch its short-form video experience, to provide music for its TikTok rival, Shorts.

YouTube Shorts is a new short-form video experience for creators and artists who want to shoot short, catchy videos using nothing but their mobile phones.

The rival service to TikTok will include similar functions, including a multi-segment camera, speed controls and a countdown feature.

YouTube has always been a place to be entertained — from your favourite dance trends, like Evolution of Dance, Roller Skate Dances, or the Jerusalema Challenge — to highly replayable short videos, like Charlie Bit My Finger, Good morning yall or even Lockdown Trick Shots. Over the years, YouTube has enabled an entire generation of creators who have shared their voice and found an audience of more than two billion people.

Believe and TuneCore’s roster of independent music has been included in the YouTube Shorts music library made available to creators to include in their videos. When creators use a song clip for their short video, the music is linked to the artist’s full-length song, music video and bio on the main YouTube platform. Viewers are able to go directly to the artist’s videos on YouTube, as well as to the artist’s YouTube channels.

The online giant recently announced the YouTube Shorts Fund, a $100m fund for creators.

Andreea Gleeson, Co-head and Chief Revenue Officer, TuneCore, said: “TuneCore is thrilled to partner with YouTube in introducing YouTube Shorts to the platform’s robust creator community.

Romain Becker, President of Label & Artist Solutions, Believe, said: “The advantage we are bringing to Believe and TuneCore artists is clear – fans can immediately connect to artists whose music they like without leaving the platform, thus allowing music to be discovered organically.”

Todd Sherman, Product Lead for YouTube Shorts, added: “[With YouTube Shorts, we launched] the ability to use audio from videos across YouTube – which includes billions of videos worldwide – unlocking a new playground of creativity like never before.”

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