Revlaytion on Apprise Artiste Spotlight

Young and passionate rapper Shaibu, also known as Revlaytion on stage, is working tremendously to make his name exceptional. He acknowledges that his love of dancing served as the foundation for his entire career in entertainment. He enjoys dancing with an incredible passion, as any of his pals can attest.

In an interview with apprise session, Revlaytion mentioned that he had no idea he could be a musician at first. He simply relished being a dancer and staying in his comfort zones.

Nevertheless, this changed when he had a dream in which he saw himself performing on stage and capturing the hearts of the audience with his songs. He took it as a cue to move out of his comfort zone and put on his coat of exploration to see if he had that hidden talent. He initially began with covers. Prior to starting to write his own songs.

His primary inspiration while growing up was Sarkodie. Everything about the famed rap king is uplifting to Revlaytion. Since he developed an interest in entertainment, Sarkodie has served as his musical influence. He places emphasis on how his favorite rap artist is principled in terms of how he speaks, dresses, and, to the fullest extent, lives.

Revlaytion loves to center his raps on current affairs and pressing topics that affect the typical Ghanaian, much like the style of his motivator. Assuring music enthusiasts that there is hope at the end of the dark tunnel, Revlaytion is able to ease some of their stress through his songs.

Revlaytion has a number of albums to his credit, including Back to the sender, Fallen Angels, Lowkey, and Bitter Truth.

The Ghana Card, which is his current release, is inspired by the current Vice President; Mahamudu Bawumia’s statement about preferring the Ghana Card over the construction of a thousand interchanges. Revlaytion found it amusing how quickly, Ghanaians pounced on it, with discussions about the Ghana Card’s ability to feed the needy and heal the sick springing up.


Songs by Revlaytion are accessible across all digital platforms (Apple music, Boomplay Spotify etc.). Simply type his name into the search box to find his great tunes across all digital platforms.

Photos by Revlaytion

Interview Revlaytion


By Akua Karle Okyere



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