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Poetry: POETREE by Kofi Nyamekyɛ

POETREE by Kofi Nyamekyɛ


Dear Poetree, let me inhale life from your green leaves for a moment before the furry of nature plucks you down farther from your boughs to rot

Dear Poetree, let me tap the strength lying beneath the belly of your trunk before the manners of manly men flee their minds to cut you down to die

Dear Poetree, lend me the tender wisdom of your roots to anchor my thoughts firmly towards songs sung as nutrients to soothe your growth

Dear Poetree, before my hopeful hopes hopefully hop home, grant me a taste of your sumptuous fruits
Not to fill my belly, but to pierce these lips of clay to bleed eulogies to proclaim your name till eternity.

!nk Weaver✍🏾🕷️🕸️
©Kofi Nyamekye

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