Philip NeeWhang signs exclusive deal with Boomplay for his Loyalty EP.

    Philip NeeWhang’s mind-blowing new EP titled Loyalty has been published to all digital outlets following a successful Boomplay exclusive release. The EP boasts of inventiveness and diversity with a fresh viewpoint on the theme of devotion and troubles of the heart when the attention is focused towards love songs, with a total of four new songs.

    Philip NeeWhang signs exclusive deal with Boomplay for his Loyalty EP.

    The Loyalty EP strongly portrays allegiance inside its fundamental value and ultimately persuades its audience to focus on love without ignoring the individual self.

    “This EP is about self-loyalty; we can fall in love with someone and expect them to love us back, but we cannot compel or force people to love us.” One thing we can do is learn to love ourselves, which is, in my opinion, the genuine essence of living. We must love others as much as we love ourselves! “To exhibit loyalty to others like we do to ourselves,” says the artist.

    The Loyalty EP, which includes four new songs, opens with “Love You Die,” a statement of everlasting love to its receiver employing the iconic tagline “Do or die,” and progresses to a plea for love (or asking for love) with the second track, “Coming.” With high hopes for an everlasting love, the extended playlist quickly reaches the third tune, which deals with heartbreak of some kind.

    The third tune, “Oh No,” contains a scene from a relationship in which the love subject seemed to have reached a dead end with no prospects for the future. “Play Me A Song,” the EP’s final tune, nails it with the lyrics: “I’ve got to live, I’ve got to survive, DJ would you play me a song… DJ play me a song.”

    The loyalty EP is mostly Afrobeat with a blend of Amapiano, current Highlife, and Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and was released exclusively on Boomplay on June 17, 2022 – slated to release on all other retailers on June 24, 2022.

    The EP under the label nwfhylip Studios is distributed by Apprise Music, promoted by Supatops and acknowledges its creators and producers in the following order – Songwriters: Philip NeeWhang, Lord Oheneba Bils and Elisha Onyibe Winning. Producers: CockaStudiox, Stixbeatz Gh and Musique Faktory. Cover Image photography: Valer Dogble, Fred Dahe & Philip NeeWhang.

    The Loyalty Ep can be streamed


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