Kintampo Arts and Entertainment Awards warns Traditional Council of Ejura over Soundsplash

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    I saw this artwork elsewhere and am tempted to put out my displeasure as to how the people of #Ejura lead by #Grandpapa_Murfy could steam our intellectual property without any contact.

    #soundsplash is an initiative of the Kintampo Arts and Entertainment Awards and has it’s core objective sectored on promoting the #Artiste of the year and other winners and nominees.

    For the #Traditional_Council in Ejura to steal the whole initiative ( Agenda, artwork) is very disheartening and unprofessional.

    What saddens and annoys me the most kraaa is that they ain’t using it to promote artists in the region but rather an already established brand.

    To the good people of #Ejura, please be creative and stop stealing people’s intellectual property.

    As it stands now, the organizing team of #Kintampo arts and entertainment awards are in the board room discussing on a possible sue.

    We are by this communique alerting the organizers of this event to delete all posts related to this event and change the headline ( SoundSplash) and the artwork bring out an official release or face anything that comes their way.

    Signed : Abubakari Abdul Samed Abubakari ( Organizer )
    Abdul-Samed Ibn Amoana ( Secretary)
    Richard Osokoo ( Chief Executive Officer)


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