How to Improve Your Streaming Platform Presence

    DPSs (Digital Service Providers) provide numerous features that enable listeners to discover new music while also continuing to listen to their favourite tracks. Understanding user behaviours will assist you in making the most of the features and determining which are most relevant to your strategy. Here, we’ll look at which spaces audiences use the most and offer advice on how to make the most of them.

    Listener behaviour is quite consistent across platforms:

    Saved tracks, user playlists, and personalized content such as “Mix” or “For you” are all linked in the User Library. This accounts for roughly half of all streams thus 50%.

    Explore corresponds to search results and album and artist page navigation. This accounts for approximately 20% of all steams.

    Editorial playlists are manually curated playlists displayed on the user’s homepage by editorial teams. These account for about 15% of all streams.

    Algorithms are effective in automatic playlists, where the listener enjoys discovering unexpected tracks that match their preferences. This accounts for about 10% of all streams.

    Playlists created by third parties that are not owned by the current listener or editorial teams. Curators, media, or collaborative playlists can manage them. These account for about 1% of all streams.

    “Other” refers to unknown sources such as external embeds or the numerous small widgets provided by various platforms. These account for about 4% of all streams.


    Apple Music has a strong user library, which accounts for approximately 65 percent of streams.

    Spotify is stronger in terms of algorithms, which account for approximately 15% of all streams.

    Amazon Music is stronger in editorial, which accounts for approximately 30% of streams.



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