How to Host and Advertise Your EPK

    Once you’ve finished your EPK, make it easily accessible. It is critical to host and share your electronic press kit. It’s critical that your artist information reaches the right people in the music industry. You don’t want to pass up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

    Here are six methods for sharing your press kit:

    1. Your Official Artist Website

    Make your EPK downloadable or accessible from your official website if you have one.
    Make a dedicated landing page for your press kit or include a link to it on your homepage.
    Also, make sure the link is easily accessible and visible to visitors!

    2. Social Media Platforms

    Include a link to your EPK that can be shared on all of your social media platforms. Make it simple for fans and industry insiders to find your press kit. You never know who might come across your social media pages!

    3. Print a copy to supply at public events.

    Consider keeping a printed version of your press kit on hand for meetings with industry professionals. If that’s too much trouble, include a link to your electronic press kit on your business card.


    An EPK will be one of the most effective networking tools you’ll have in the music industry. Hoping this guide has provided you with everything you need to create the perfect press kit.

    It is now up to you to make it a reality. Allowing the world to become acquainted with you and your distinct sound will increase your chances of being discovered!


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