How to deliver your Assets to Apprise Music

    How to deliver your Assets to Apprise Music.

    Apprise Music delivers to all major streaming platforms; this includes all the major local stores. If you need to double-check the platform list, please contact your Apprise Music representative directly.

    You can deliver your assets directly to Apprise Music by uploading all of the different formats and elements that make up your release.

    Apprise Music will check that everything is compliant for delivery to the various stores as soon as Apprise Music ingests the new track and metadata.

    Metadata includes (but is not limited to) UPC (Universal Product Code), ISRC (International Standard Recording Code), Artist ID, title, release date, album name, album artwork, track listing, and lyrics.

    The product that is album, single, EP, or even video) is represented by the UPC code, while the recorded track is represented by the ISRC code. As a result, the same ISRC code can be found in multiple UPCs such best-of or re-edition of the music.
    Top Tip

    When uploading audio files, you must also provide metadata, which must be as accurate as possible in order to increase discoverability, streams, and revenues.

    The UPC, ISRC, and Artist ID are the three elements that allow your track to be correctly identified.

    These elements avoid ambiguity among recordings and simplify rights management when assets are distributed across different formats and platforms, as well as delivering your music to the appropriate profiles and playlists.

    Aside from these three codes, metadata like lyrics and genre are critical for digital platforms to categorize your tracks and surface them on-platform through inclusions in editorial and algorithm playlists, or automated recommendations to users listening to similar music. As a result, it is critical that you fill out each field with relevant and detailed information in order to maximize the visibility of your releases on the platforms.

    Extra Tip

    An Extra Tip to perfect the delivery is Your Profiles. Branded elements on artist pages are not included in the audio delivery process. Use the tools provided by each platform to update your profile picture, banner, biography, and external links on your artist page: Spotify For Artists, Apple For Artists, Amazon For Artists and Boomplay for Artists.

    Use Spotify Canvas, Apple Motion, and YouTube Art Tracks to engage your users by adding moving visuals to your tracks. Spotify claims that a high-quality Canvas can increase track shares by 145%, playlist additions by 20%, streams by 5%, and artist profile visits by 9%. Go to Spotify for Artists to add a Canvas to your track.

    Apple Music also created Album Motion and Artist Motion, which allow artists to use moving visuals on albums or as artist profile pictures. You can request that your Motion be uploaded to Apple Music. Both features are more likely to get you playlisted, so it’s a good strategy to invest in.

    When audio assets are delivered by Apprise Music’s supply chain, Art Tracks are created automatically on YouTube Music by combining your audio file and album artwork to create a YouTube version of the track. Users can find all of your album tracks on YouTube using Art Tracks, and they are automatically added to your OAC. Art Tracks can boost your search results and bring more subscribers to your channel.

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