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    Grace Maame Afua Gyimah, now Mrs. Grace Awuah is a Ghanaian gospel singer and songwriter from Cape Coast. Her stage name is Gracee J and she produces an eclectic Ghanaian melange of gospel music, performance, and art videos.

    Her music is known to be “Gospel Music,” genre. She released her first debut album, “Eye Nadom” in 2013, and the successful track was “Eye Nadom” literally meaning God’s abundant grace.

    Accumulating more streams on all online digital platforms worldwide, Gracee J was one of the most played gospel artists on Ghanaian radio and TV between 2013 and 2014 after her debut album “Eye Nadom”.

    In 2018 she released her second album dubbed “Wo Nkyen” which literally means God’s dwelling place. Some of the inspiring hit tracks on the album are entitled “Wo Nkyen” and ” Ofata”. The “Ofata” literally means God you deserve your glory.

    In 2021 she released a powerful inspiring hit single entitled “Nyame So” in Akan it literally means God is Great. Gracee J’s popularity rose from 2013 to date, and with her style of soulful afromanding worship and praise music. She is considered one of Ghana’s best-selling gospel music artists.

    Gracee J producing some cool synth gospel sounds being her second album before the pandemic which is entitled “Wo Nkyen” and has currently released a powerful single “Nyame So”. She found herself living and working as a fashion designer, entrepreneur, and music composer.

    The experimental gospel minstrel, songwriter, and singer have made a remarkable impression with her unique stylistic choices and beautiful vocals. Her best-renowned music video, for the song ‘Won Nkyen” literally means, I will always dwell in the dwelling place of God. Gracee J, really went viral in 2019 before the pandemic, reaching more views.

    She has also collaborated with many few top gospel electronic artists/producers in Ghana.  Apart from music, she gives out back to society as part of her heavenly call. She owns the Gracee J Ministries,  and under this ministry is a subsidiary branch named Gracee J Charity Foundation which vision clearly seeks to visit orphanage homes every year to make donations in relation to her birthday.


    Grace Maame Afua Gyimah, now Mrs. Grace Awuah is known by the stage name Gracee J. Most of her loyal fans know her with the name I Am For Jesus Christ. She hails from the Central Region of Ghana, specifically Cape Coast. and Eastern Region also.

    Born and bred to Mr. Samuel Gyimah and Madam Augustina Eva Donkor. She had her basic education at Adenta Roman Catholic School in Accra- Adenta. Even though, her parents died early; being the father in the early ’80s and the mother in the early ’90s yet it wasn’t a disability for her to pursue her dreams.

    She learns a vocational skill in fashion designing at First Bell Fashion Home in Madina. Furthermore, to upgrade her skills in information technology she attended IPMC Computer Training Institute. She felt the strong impact of God’s call to ministry in her life and accepted the challenge of God’s altar call. She now combines ministry work, music, fashion designing, and entrepreneurship.



    Born in Accra, she discovered her ability to compose and sing her own original music. Some of her mates in the fashion school know her with her sweet melodious soulful voice.

    Moreover, having found inspiration from God, siblings, and a gentleman by the name King K. She had few top artists she looks up to that made her stepped up her game in the gospel genre, the likes of Diana Hammond, Mary Ghansah, Daughters of Glorious Jesus, Ohemaa  Mercy and Rev Daniel Ofori Awuku.

    After finding success with her albums  “Eye Nadom”  God’s grace, and “Wonkyen”. God’s dwelling place. She has been a solo artist in her career, and worked with few top gospel artists in Ghana, and yet looking forward to working with international artists as well. She is one of the musical iconic faces of ICGC (Prayer Temple-North Legon).


    ICGC platforms and Various programs.
    Adom live worship.
    Peace Fm live worship.
    And other radio stations.


    Peace Fm, Adom Fm, Oman Fm, Top Fm, Hot Fm, Happy Fm, Accra Fm, and others across the country.



    2013 Eye nadom Gracee J.
    2018 Wo nkyen Gracee J.
    2021 NYAME SO (SINGLE) Gracee J.


    2013 Metease KPK Multimedia.
    Hena KPK Multimedia
    Me NYAME Boame My FlashBak Media.
    2018 Wo Nkyen Skywebb
    Wofata Flashbak media Macwillies.
    2021 NYAME SO Flashbak media Macwillies.


    PHONE :0243132305

    EMAIL: [email protected]


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