Apprise Music Distribution CLASSIC


Apprise Music Distribution in association with Linkfire (Denmark) launch “FIREAPP MUSIC SUMMIT”, a pan-African digital music summit dedicated to the continent’s most vibrant music markets, artists, label managers, and digital music services providers with Ghana as Country of Honour. 

Apple launches Dolby Atmos Spatial and Lossless Audio

Apple Music launches Dolby Atmos Spatial and Lossless Audio

The new add up was launched in the first week of June as they stated. To benefit from it, Apple says that you would need to use an external USB digital-to-analogue converter. Just attaching a pair of headsets to an iPhone will not work.

Spotify is opening up its Canvas feature to more artists

Spotify Canvas video loops ‘boost engagement’ between artists and consumers

Spotify Canvas as a feature is one of the interesting add ups on the now playing screen in the Spotify app which allows an eight-second, vertical visual loop display on the screen.

Deezer Reduces its Subscription Fees by Over 50 Percent

Deezer Reduces its Subscription Fees by Over 50 Percent

In several African nations, the Audio streaming operations of Deezer, a popular music streaming site reduced its subscription fees by over 50 per cent. Some countries affected by these exciting reductions are Ghana, Mozambique, Uganda, Senegal, etc.

New “Queer Culture Channel” honors queer artists and creators

Deezer honors LGBTQ community with dedicated Channel

Queer culture deserves to be celebrated all year round, not just during Pride month. Today we’re proud to launch Deezer’s new “Queer Culture” channel, which will be a permanent fixture on the Deezer platform.