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    How to Host and Advertise Your EPK

    Once you've finished your EPK, make it easily accessible. It is critical to host and share your electronic press kit. It's critical that your artist information reaches the right people in the music industry. You don't want to pass up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Here are six methods for sharing your press kit: 1. Your Official Artist Website Make your EPK downloadable or accessible from your official website...

    Four Methods in Discovering your Musical Voice

    Find your voice, and you'll find what tends to make your sound truly remarkable. This does not imply that your potential has been exhausted or that there is no more room for advancement. It simply means you've found the musical track on which you're most at ease. And in many cases, this is the first step toward success. Here are four creative methods mastered by...

    How to Make an EPK That Gets your Name OUT THERE [Pt.#2]

    What to Include in Your Electronic Press Kit EPK? Click on the link to read Part 1 The following are the components that must be included...

    How to Make an EPK That Gets your Name OUT THERE [Pt.#1]

    Learn how to create an EPK that will get you recognized by experts in the music industry. This comprehensive tutorial describes the necessary components...

    Apple Music launches Dolby Atmos Spatial and Lossless Audio

    The new add up was launched in the first week of June as they stated. To benefit from it, Apple says that you would need to use an external USB digital-to-analogue converter. Just attaching a pair of headsets to an iPhone will not work.

    Spotify Canvas video loops ‘boost engagement’ between artists and consumers

    Spotify Canvas as a feature is one of the interesting add ups on the now playing screen in the Spotify app which allows an eight-second, vertical visual loop display on the screen.

    Deezer Reduces its Subscription Fees by Over 50 Percent

    In several African nations, the Audio streaming operations of Deezer, a popular music streaming site reduced its subscription fees by over 50 per cent. Some countries affected by these exciting reductions are Ghana, Mozambique, Uganda, Senegal, etc.

    How to change your artist’s image on the Digital Music Stores

    Check out our complete image and artist profile guide below, including tips and tricks for Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud and more.

    Deezer honors LGBTQ community with dedicated Channel

    Queer culture deserves to be celebrated all year round, not just during Pride month. Today we’re proud to launch Deezer’s new “Queer Culture” channel, which will be a permanent fixture on the Deezer platform.

    YouTube says it paid the music industry over $4bn in the last 12 months

    YouTube has paid out more than $4bn to the music industry in the last 12 months, according to its head of music Lyor Cohen.

    TuneCore & Believe have partnered with YouTube to provide music for its TikTok rival, Shorts

    TuneCore and its parent company Believe have partnered with YouTube to launch its short-form video experience, to provide music for its TikTok rival, Shorts.

    Report: The Globalisation of Local Genres – a Digital-Age phenomenon

    Jerusalema is making history. The track, performed in the Zulu language and recorded in South Africa by South Africans, has won the 2020 International Song of the Year at France’s revered NRJ Music Awards. The first recording by an African artist to do so.

    Why is Africa a good market to enter for music tech startups?

    Africa offers strong business opportunities and high growth rates for companies who penetrate the market with a clear understanding of the continent’ specific needs as well as the diversity of cultures. The conversation with our experts will unveil areas of innovation’s wait for the African market with a special focus on the music industry.

    Don’t put your music at Risk

    So over the last few days (starting at the beginning of the year (2021) Spotify removed about 750,000 songs from its platform.