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    (Koforidua, Eastern Region) Eastern Regional capital —–The Annual Event dubbed Night in Kofcity Party is slated for Saturday 17th December 2022 inside Koforidua.

    “The Eastern Xtra Show” on Eastern 105.1 FM every Sunday is hosting the annual Street/Block Party in Koforidua. This year, the event starts 10:00 AM on Saturday 17th December 2022 on the Post Office Street through  to Tutuwa House.

    Launched in 2019, the A NIGHT IN KOFCITY street party  began as a community Interest talent showcase and hangout platform by the Eastern Xtra Entertainment show (Every Sunday 12:00 – 1:00PM) to meet and greet listeners.

    As well as hosting amazing food and drinks, this year’s festival will be a great open-air showcase of Kofcity, attracting vital tourism to the town and helping support the local economy.

    December 2020 was an epic return to form and we were delighted that the Festival came back with such a bang sponsored by MTN Momo, Eastern FM, Lexorine Kitchen, Dropyn Ghana, Antwi Phones with over 4,000 attendees gathering at forecourt of Eastern FM through the street to the start of Jackson Park enjoying the event in the night which also coincided with the eve of election 2020.

    With a new concept, fun features, great food and entertainment, everyone will have a blast and now and we are looking forward to 2022. As a team, we all love Koforidua and are committed to build on what is already a fantastic event, bringing people together in the beautiful town to share great food and drink.

    Festival 2022 will be an extra special celebration as this year we will have fashion, art exhibitions. For the first time ever the Festival will take place over a full day.  From 10 am, we take over central Koforidua loaded with stalls brimming with local produce and delicious street food, stretching alongside the post office, MTn office’, and Fidelity Bank Street.

    DJs on rotation include Kofcity favorite Djs: DJ Bossman, Olasty, Dj Viper, Dj Pogasty, Dj Danny Max, Dj Holly Fire, Rock Masta and many more to be announced in the coming days…

    It promises to be fun and unforgettable.


    For more information call 0546464000/0200792064.


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