Apprise Music partners with Musiga Ashanti to host a music business workshop for musicians

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    On September 13,2022, the annual music workshop was held inside the auditorium of ‘Idun Quarshie Hall’ at the Kumasi Cultural Centre in Ghana’s Ashanti region.

    The workshop was designed to help artists prepare for the digital music market. Mrs. Augustina Addison and Apprise Music hosted the event.

    The first session of the workshop was presented by a team member of the organisation Apprise Music. He went into greater detail about how artists can ensure they have a unique artiste name to avoid imitation and easy identification, as well as how they can claim their artiste’s name across platforms such as social media and digital stores.

    He went on to explain why it is critical to define one’s image through the use of high-quality images and videos in branding and packaging. One way an artist story can help reach and start a fan base is by developing one’s personality and putting together a biography. He went on to explain why it is critical for musicians to view their craft as a business. He concluded by emphasizing the importance of keeping a separate account for the craft hence it is a business.

    This year’s workshop took a more practical approach, particularly in the second session, which grouped artists from the Ashanti Region. Each group had one Apprise Music representative who assisted and taught the artists how to create a Facebook Fan page, Instagram account, and Twitter handle. Individual artists were encouraged to come in with their smart forms, which made the groups more engaging. The team members then taught their groups how an artist can generate a smart link, with a focus on the Boomplay link. These links were then shared on their social media platforms, which included WhatsApp.

    Mrs. Augustina Addison presented certificates of participation to musicians as well as a certificate of appreciation to Mr. Michael Bamfo, CEO of Apprise Music. The Chairperson’s closing remarks aim to organize a more intensive practical workshop for the Musicians Union than theory.

    In this vein, Apprise Music stated its desire to work with the Musicians in Ghana to hold engaging workshops across the country.

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    Apprise Music provides distribution services that enable you to sell music to major music retailers such as iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify.
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