Meet Ata Kak, The First Ghanaian To Do Twi Rap But You Probably Knew Nothing About It

This is Yaw Atta Owusu. He goes by the stage name Ata Kak.

A Ghanaian funk, house, hiplife rapper in the 80’s whose work gained so much attention in Canada and America but never the same in his own country, Ghana.

Before the likes of Fontomfrom, Talking Drum, Nananom, Mahony P and even before Reggie Rockstone and Gyedu Blay Ambolley decided to battle out about who invented Hiplife, this man right here had been doing his thing long before then.

His songs were so popular during his time in Canada and the USA even his loyal fans didn’t know he was from Ghana.

An American who was studying music in Ghana kept a huge collection of Ghanaian music and stumbled upon his cassettes and he was amazed at his work and went out to search for him.

He finally found him in his village in Kumasi where even his relatives do not know him as a musician except probably his parents.

His journey began after starting a band with his friends where they sang Highlife songs when he was in Canada. He, however, went solo and recorded his first album, “Obaa Sima” which was a mixture of funk, rap, house etc.

Listening to some of his tapes, you can tell he could even rap faster than Sarkodie.

In a documentary by Red Bull Music Academy and in collaboration with Awesome Tapes From Africa, they set out on a mission to unravel the mystery behind the first Twi Rap musician from Ghana.
Here is a video about him you need to watch, it is amazing.

Source: By Kwaku Darko