Why is it important to credit the author and composer’s full name in my releases?

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In order to optimize your catalog’s monetization in the Digital Music Services, it is important to correctly credit your release’s author and composer. In addition to improving your release’s referencing in the DMS, it allows for the Collecting Societies to identify the authors and composers correctly, making the distribution of their rights easier.

Please note that mentions such as Rights Reserved or Public Domain (as well as R.R, P.D., etc) will no longer be accepted by our platform, blocking the delivery of your release. Group names or nicknames are also no longer accepted in these fields.

To avoid delays in your deliveries, please make sure to correctly credit the author and composer’s full name in your releases.

As a reminder it’s displayed in our Backstage like this :

If your release doesn’t comply with this guideline, please note that it will be sent back to your Backstage for correction.

Your information will be displayed on Spotify like this, on the credits section :

If you’re encountering any issues with this subject, please contact your Labels & Artists Support team. If you don’t know which support address to use, check the full list here