What should I do when I receive a Legal Claim notification ?

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A Legal Claim occurs when a third party notifies Apprise Music of a rights infringement.​​

In order to protect you against any potential liability in court, legal actions and/or damages, a preventive takedown of the release will be sent to all audio stores until the issue is resolved with the complainant. ​

​What do you need to do when you receive a Legal Claims notification:

You must contact immediately the complainant to resolve the issue (complainant email contact is available in the email notification sent by Apprise Music) :

  • if the legal claim is justified, we recommend you to:

– Negociate a retraction of the legal claim with the complainant.

– Review your existing catalogue with your Label Manager to make sure there is no more infringing content to prevent you from any other legal claims.

  • if the legal claim is not justified, we recommend you to:

– Confirm your rights to the complainant and ask them to promptly retract their Legal claims (i.e. complainant will have to contact Apprise Music or DMS (Digital Music Service) stating that they retract their Legal Claim).

– Report the abusive complainant name/email to your Label Manager.

– If the complainant doesn’t reply to your initial contact, we encourage you to take further legal actions against them.

As soon as the Legal Claims is retracted, Believe and DMS (Digital Music Service) will be able to reinstate your content.

Your Label Manager is copied to the Legal Claims email notification you may receive, so that we are able to guide you in this resolution process.