The “Catalog” section compiles all the products you’ve uploaded since you’ve started working on the Backstage. You will find your albums, singles, videos already delivered to the DMS (Digital Music Services), your submitted products currently being validated by our teams, your products needing correction, those that you have not yet finalized, as well as those having been removed from the DMS. This section gives you a global vision of your entire catalog. By clicking on the titles of each product, you can access the details of your release. You can also choose to visualize only your releases being created on the tab “Releases to finalize” or only your products needing a correction on Releases to correct”.

On the “All Releases” tab you will find all your products, including those already available on the DMS:

  • The delivered products appear with the following icon: TickCapture.JPGand by clicking on the title of the product you can find your tracklisting, the links to the DMS, the territories and the DMS to which they were delivered.
  • The products needing correction are those in red, on which you will also see an exclamation point Captureok.jpg. These are the products that you have already submitted or may already be online, but for which you have requested a correction or on which our Content teams have detected cover / audio elements that do not comply with the delivery guidelines. If this is the case, your product has been returned to the Backstage and you have received an email detailing the changes to be made. You may then go to the product in question and click on the button ClemoletteCaptureOK.jpg to proceed to the correction and resubmit your album.
  • The products being checked by our teams are those that appear in yellow with the following icon penduleCaptureok.jpg. These are the releases you’ve finalized and submitted to our teams. They are currently being reviewed by our Label & Artists Support Specialists and/or our video specialists’ teams who verify that all metadata guidelines are followed, which ensures your products acceptance on the DMS. If no problem is detected during the validation of your product, it will be ready to be delivered within 2 working days.
  • Your releases that have not yet been finalized appear with the following logo icone_usine.png. These are the products you have started to create but have not yet submitted. These may also be releases that our Content team sent back to your Backstage after noticing a metadata error that could compromise your album’s acceptance on the DMS. If this is the case, you have received an e-mail detailing the corrections to be made before resubmitting your product. To edit these products or finalize them, just click on the icon CrayonCapture.JPG on the right corner of the product, fill in the missing information or make the requested correction. You can also delete them by clicking on the “trash bin” icon PoubelleCapture.JPG.
  • Releases that have been removed from the DMS appear with the icon rond_barr_Capture.JPG. These are either the products for which you have requested a takedown or releases that have been removed for other reasons. If your case is the latter, you have been informed of the reason by e-mail.