The format required for your cover art in the Backstage is a minimum of 1440×1440 pixels, maximum 3000×3000 pixels, jpeg files only.

It’s important to know that your cover must respect certain guidelines to be accepted by the DMS (Digital Music Services):

  • It must not be blurred, truncated or off-centered.
  • It must be compatible with your release’s metadata (same artist name, same product name, etc.)
  • There should not be any names or logos representing parties that are not credited in the metadata
  • Black or white bars may cause a format error, your image should always fit the 1440×1440 pixels frame and not have margins that dissimulate a different format. If the bars are intentional, please make sure they are not black or white, or make sure to write something on them.
  • No URLs, e-mail addresses or telephone numbers are allowed
  • No mentions of material products are allowed (CD, DVD, “Disc”, etc.)
  • It must not contain an UPC code, bar code, a price or a discount
  • Your cover must not lead to confusion, therefore it will be refused by our services if it contains the name of an artist who is not one of the performers on the album or if it does not clearly say that it is a tribute album (the term tribute must be more visible than the artist’s name whom the tribute is paid to);
  • The cover must not be a generic image such as a label logo.
  • The cover must not containt additionnal information that isn’t credited in the release’s metadata.

Please note: this list is non-exhaustive; your cover will go through a validation process by your services. If for some reason your cover presents any issues, you will be contacted by our teams.

If you wish to change or update your cover, please contact your Labels & Artists Support Specialist team. If you don’t know which support address to contact, check the full list here.