• What’s the difference ?

UPC is the catalog number for the release or « product ».

ISRC is the ID number for the audio/video track itself or « asset ».  It is linked to the YouTube asset ID (= audio or video references sent to YouTube in order to claim YouTube videos).

A release, like an album, can have multiple tracks. So one UPC can refer to a release with several ISRCs. Therefore one asset has a proper ISRC, along with a UPC it may share with other ISRCs.

  • How do I get them and why do they both exist ?

You can find both of them in your Backstage. The UPC is mentioned in the release information (top of the screen) and the ISRC is indicated next to each track.

We may need both the UPC and ISRC to be able to refer to the release or track in question, depending on the issue or request. They are also needed to ensure a precise communication with the different stores.

  • What do I need to send to my Channel Manager when I have an issue or request ?

It depends on the request :

– If the issue concerns the release or album, please send the UPC.

Example : Takedown or correction of an official release from your catalogue, update a delivery, send the release to a new store

– If the issue concerns the asset or track itself, please send the ISRC.

Example : to manage a copyright or monetization issue on a specific song