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How do I get my Spotify URI before the release date?

If your release is the object of a marketing plan, you may need your Spotify URI before the release date, especially if you are pitching for playlist submission. If this is the case, you may contact your Labels & Artists Support team to request it, making sure to always include the release’s UPC. If you […]

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How should I choose my release date?

We advise that you submit your releases at least 2 weeks before their release date, and 4 weeks if they must be the object of marketing operations. We need to communicate the promotional information to the DMS (Digital Music Services) well before the release date.

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What is the “original release date” field?

The original release date field stands for the date on which your release was first available. It may correspond to the physical release date of your album. The accuracy of this field can be important since this date is used by certain DMS (Digital Music Services) to classify your releases following chronologically their appearance in […]

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