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Everything You Need to Know About ISRCs

An ISRC is a unique 12-digit code that is assigned to a specific sound recording (i.e CD, audio file, video, etc…). In short, the ISRC code is essentially a “digital fingerprint” for a sound recording – it represents a recording’s unique identity and helps separate it from the hundreds and thousands of other sound recordings worldwide.

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What is an ISRC code?

The ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) is the standard identifying code attributed to each audio recording (both musical and audiovisual). Each track of your product must necessarily have an ISRC code, which will be definitively assigned to it once. The ISRC codes can be broken down in the following manner: Ex: FR-6V8-12-12340 FR: Country code […]

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I don’t have an ISRC code, can Apprise Music generate it for me?

After you connect to your Backstage, you will have to indicate if you have one, or more, ISRC code. The answer to this question is mandatory before you can start uploading new products in your Backstage. 1. If the answer is “Yes”: We invite you to indicate your ISRC code in your Backstage. For each […]

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