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As formerly announced in this article, we have launched a new release creation tool specially designed for Jazz Music, which allows you to designate a specific role to each of the release’s contributors, thus improving your catalog’s referencing in the DMS.

The tool follows essentially the same creation process detailed in this article, with the exception that the tabs “Release” and “Edit Assets” include no information about the release’s contributors. Instead, a new “Contributors” tab was created, in which you will provide all information relating to the main artists, composers, featurings, etc.

Here’s how the tool is presented to you:








To add and edit your contributors, go to the “Contributors” tab:

To add and edit your contributors, go to the "Contributors" tab:











Please note that prior to adding your contributors you must create your release’s tracks on the “Edit assets” tab.

Add a new contributor by clicking on “Add a Contributor”. You may then choose which roles this contributor has performed in this release, specifying the tracks for each role you’ve attribued to them:


















You may add however many roles you want to each contributor.

The “Submission” tab allows you to check that you’ve provided all the needed information for your contributor. The rest of the release’s creation process remain the same.























Please note that a few conditions must be fulfilled for us to be able to deliver your Jazz release:

  • All tracks must have at least one “Primary artist”, one “Composer” and one “Author” (instrumental tracks being the exception for the latter)
  • It is mandatory that all featured artists are also listed as “Soloists”
  • You must specify the instrument of each Soloist.

For more information on how to correctly credit your artists, you may check this article as well as the iTunes Metadata Style Guide.

If you have any doubts or are encountering any issues with this subject, please contact your Labels & Artists Support team. If you don’t know which support address to use, check the full list here.