After you connect to your Backstage, you will have to indicate if you have one, or more, ISRC code. The answer to this question is mandatory before you can start uploading new products in your Backstage.

1. If the answer is “Yes”:

We invite you to indicate your ISRC code in your Backstage. For each new track you create, we invite you to use your own ISRC on the ISRC field.

  • Apprise Music will not generate ISRC codes for your tracks
  • Before submitting a release, you must indicate an ISRC code for each track.
  • You may enter any ISRC codes, including one that doesn’t use the root you have provided (for example, for a licensed track)
  • One single ISRC is needed for you to start the product creation process.

2. If the answer is “No” (click on “I don’t want Believe to generate my ISRC”)

You don’t have an ISRC root. Apprise Music will be able to generate ISRCs for your releases, after you confirm that you don’t have an ISRC to each track.

You must accept Terms and Conditions for generating ISRC codes.

  • You may indicate an ISRC provided by a third party or obtained by other means.
  • You must choose to have Believe generate an ISRC for each track you upload without an ISRC codes.