As you may know, we have recently signed an exciting agreement with Facebook, which will allow for the billions of users across Facebook and Instagram to create user generated content with your music.

The core partnership is focused around an organic user experience including access to an Audio Library feature, allowing for fans to engage, create and share their creative user videos with your music in the background.

This new partnership offers new opportunities to connect & promote your music to new audiences/groups with new revenue opportunities. The license is currently live in many countries, with many more to be added soon. Through your partnership with Believe, your content will be automatically delivered to the platform.

Please note: Since most of our catalogue is being delivered simultaneously, and due to the store’s ingestion capacity, your content may take a while to be live.

  • What does the deal include?

The deal does not cover the licensing of the official Music Videos published on the profile of the artists / labels.

It will be possible for artists / labels to publish videos on their profile but they will be responsible for clearing all rights (Master/ Publishers rights)

  • What about official Music Videos published on Facebook/Instagram?

This partnership is very unique, as Facebook is not creating a Spotify or YouTube type service, but a platform that encourages fans to participate and engage in the promotion of your music, expanding the reach of your audiences, and creating a previously unavailable revenue stream for rightsholders.

  • What if a user creates a video of my official Music and I don’t want it on the internet?

The user-generated content will not be in competition with your Official Music Videos, or Audio streams on other services. As part of this new user experience, Facebook has developed a Rights Manager CMS, which will detect and block user content that doesn’t qualify as creative UGC (user-generated content), such as full-track videos with a static artwork image.

  • How do my artists make money on Facebook?

Facebook monetization is calculated on a fixed fee, based on market share, and you will receive the payment from Believe as per your deal terms.

  • Should I change my content strategy between Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, etc.?

At this stage there’s no reason to change your Facebook strategies and integrate new routines.
This partnership is focused on users creating content on top of official music content.
It will participate to the virality of your music on Facebook through the users engagement.
You should continue to see Facebook as social network where you can build a direct link between artists and their communities and promote streaming or download on other platforms (such as Spotify, Apple, Deezer, etc.)

  • Should I change my community management strategy on Facebook / Instagram?

You can improve your community management strategies by engaging the community to create more content using your artists / labels music.
A link to the artist’s Facebook profile will be automatically added to all users’ videos.